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Greater Geneva: A Common LandMilica Topalović and the Chair of Architecture and Territorial Planning ETH Zurich, Florian Hertweck and the FHSE Master in Architecture University of Luxembourg, with Raumbureau

Our prospect for Greater Geneva approaches the urgency of socio-ecological transition through the problematic of land, understood in its manifold expressions—as an ecological structure, as appropriated and regulated territory, and as a symbolic landscape of specific places and identities. The central hypothesis is that the currently asymmetric region should be transformed into more equitable, ecologically balanced and poly-centric city-landscape, in which the built and the unbuilt environments, in all their diversity, are productively interwoven. Herein, a successful trans-border governance will be crucial. We envision a determined effort toward a new deal for socio-eco-logical transition based on the overhaul of the current property and governance arrangements on all levels through the idea of commons: from individualism and rentiership in agriculture, real-estate, trans-port and other urban domains, toward the development and promotion of common and cooperative governance arrangements and models.