OASE #84 Models

Models and Other SpacesMilica Topalović

From the editorial: In Milica Topalović‘ essay she asks herself what it is that makes a model into a model and, based on work by the artists Guillaume Bijl, Hans Schabus and Gregor Schneider, reaches the conclusion that the crucial factor is the ‘reality’ of the model rather than the more obvious reduced scale. (…) Models situate themselves somewhere between instrument, representation, object and sculpture. They hold the capacity to represent a diversity of intentions in a very direct manner. In architecture that representation is characterized by the plausible and lucid rendering of original ideas, at a stage that everyday reality has yet to reach. This is how Milica Topalović encapsulates the model in her contribution: ‘If architecture is a veritable genre of space creation, then the model is fictional. If architecture serves to stabilize, reinforce and build up the structure of the real, models can be understood as the architecture of the imaginary. If architecture can structure our sense of reality, models can loosen and disrupt that structure – revealing the freedom that we have…. On the horizon of reality lies a skyline of paper volumes, cardboard coulisses and canvas cathedrals: everything reality does not yet believe in."