Territorio 94

INDIGENOUS SPATIAL PLANNING IN THE ECUADORIAN AMAZON: Reflections on the Plan De VidaSantiago del Hierro

Spatial Planning in Indigenous Territories of the Andean Amazon is not only important for the communities that live in these fragile ecosystems, but also to mitigate climate change through the reduction of forest conversion (deforestation), degradation, and disturbance. In this context, indigenous nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon are experiencing a crucial moment with the redesign of a basic structure for the Plan de Vida, a local planning instrument that aims to represent indigenous world views and to integrate them to the national planning system. Even though there has been quite some progress, indigenous Planes de Vida are still facing the challenge of maintaining true autonomy of communities without losing the capacity to effectively negotiate with a State that is in constant conflict between environmental protection and non-renewable resource extraction.

Drawing: María del Carmen Burbano and Santiago del Hierro.