THE SOCIAL FUNCTION OF GREEN AND BLUE INFRASTRUCTURE: International Case Studies and Insights for Addis AbabaSantiago del Hierro, David Jácome, and Tigist Kassahun Temesgen

The growing relevance of green-blue infrastructure within urban planning reflects a global trend to look at nature as the primary source of sustainable long-term solutions in our cities. It highlights the importance of working with our natural environment instead of only aiming to control it. Urban forests, constructed wetlands, vegetated roofs, rainwater harvesting, bioswales, green public space and soil bioengineering are all examples of strategies that have recently gained the attention of local governments and design practices to improve the well-being of people living in cities. This report supports the City of Addis Ababa in advancing its strategic development agenda by providing examples of green-blue infrastructure and focusing on how people are involved in these projects